Dancing With the Stars Season 6 Week 6

I’m still watching! I had the flu last week so blogging fell by the wayside–which reminds me–if you have the flu or some other illness, please stay home until you’re better!!!


  • Jason & Edyta danced the Cha Cha to Best of My Love (The Emotions)  24
  • Shannon & Derek danced the Rumba to True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)  24
  • Marlee & Fabian danced the Mambo to Mi Tierra (Gloria Estefan)  21
  • Christian & Cheryl danced the Foxtrot to Come Fly With Me (Frank Sinatra)  27
  • Marissa & Tony danced the Viennese Waltz to Delilah (Tom Jones)  26
  • Kristi & Mark danced the Jive to Rip It Up (Little Richard)  30
  • Mario & Karina danced the Rumba to Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye)  28
  • Everyone danced Country-Western to Cotton-Eyed Joe (Nashville Riders)

Favorite couples: Kristi & Mark, Cristian & Cheryl, Marissa & Tony. Starting to warm up towards Mario & Karina–they’re good together–I don’t know why I don’t respond to them as much as I do the others.

Couples I’d like to see have another chance: Marlee & Fabian, Shannon & Derek. Marlee looked absolutely stunning last night–but I agree with the judges, it was obvious in the samba and the mambo that she couldn’t hear the music. Not being able to hear the music is a huge challenge but I think she can overcome it and I’d like to see her have the chance. As far as Shannon, I feel like she made so much improvement and now she’s slid backwards a bit–I’d like to see her break through because I think the potential is there.

Judges: They were all pretty good last night–aside of Len referring to Mario & Karina as a gigilo and a strumpet, the criticism was constructive and polite. The dancers do need constructive criticism if they are to improve–they just don’t need to be peppered with ‘witty’ comparisons. *Here’s hoping that Cristian isn’t in the bottom two tonight–unless of course, you’d like Len to bare his bum in the supermarket!

Who’s going home?: I’m guessing Marlee or Shannon. Honestly, I’d like everyone to stay (I usually do at this point). Cristian was in the bottom two last week though and that’s not a good sign–people don’t usually come back after that.

Other thoughts: I could have done without the group dance last night. I like country music but the hoedown just didn’t appeal to me–plus the routine seemed a bit of a rip-off from a previous group dance with ‘fight’ scenes.


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