Dancing with the Stars Season 6 Week 2


  • Steve & Anna danced the Mambo to I Got a Girl (Lou Bega)  16
  • Cristian & Cheryl danced the Quickstep to Americano (Brian Setzer Orchestra)  20
  • Monica & Jonathan danced the Mambo My Lovin’ (En Vogue)  15
  • Penn & Kym danced the Quickstep to Man With the Hex (Atomic Fireballs)  17
  • Priscilla & Louis danced the Mambo to Bossa Nova Hand Dance (Connie Francis)  21
  • Shannon & Derek danced the Quickstep to Swing With Me (Jessica Simpson)  24
  • Jason & Edyta danced the Mambo to Lupita (Perez Prado)  27
  • Marissa & Tony danced the Quickstep to Flip Flop and Fly (Blues Brothers)  21
  • Adam & Julianne danced the Mambo to House of Bamboo (Andy Williams)  19
  • Marlee & Fabian danced the Quickstep to Mack the Knife (Rosemary Clooney)  24
  • Kristi & Mark danced the Mambo to Hey Baby (No Doubt)  27
  • Mario & Karina danced the Quickstep to Valerie (Amy Winehouse)  26

Favorite Couples:  Loved Kristi & Mark’s mambo!!! They are definitely my favorite couple. I also liked Jason & Edyta’s Mambo–they are my second favorite couple. I liked Marlee & Fabian’s quickstep–third favorite. Mario & Karina and Priscilla & Louis are also good but I just haven’t warmed up to them.

I was pleasantly surprised with Shannon & Derek’s quickstep–they didn’t impress me last week.

Who’s Going Home?:  I’m annoyed with Penn and Adam. Yes, sometimes the judges can be annoying–but they are there to critique and score the dances–and they know what they are doing. Penn went from being overly defensive last week to completely abrasive this week. Adam’s response of “bitch” after hearing Carrie Ann’s score last week was uncalled for. Based on their behavior, I’m hoping one of them is the guy to leave the show this week.

I’m guessing that Monica will be the woman to leave the show this week.


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